Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bring on the Rain

Yes, I know, it has  been a while. I just haven't felt like writing lately (I mean, my job is writing so it gets a bit tiring sometimes). But since I am sure there will be tornadoes tonight, I cannot sleep and figure my time will be best spent writing.

In case you don't know, tornadoes are my biggest fear. I am sure it spawned in my early years living in St. Louis, watching the movie Twister and the traumatic experience on the simulated ride down at Universal Studios. I thought that I was getting over managing that fear, until this year. It is no secret that we have had one of the worst years in history with tornadoes, it is devastating (in more ways than one) to wake up every day just to expect to hear about mass destruction that happened overnight. In April, the Southeast was hit hard, just barely missing many of my family members. Then they came down in St. Louis, again missing my loved ones. So far I have been lucky, but I almost feel as though I am pushing my luck. I just know there is one coming my way! (Yes, I am crazy, I know.)

I remember praying as a little girl, asking God why He created tornadoes (and bugs) as they don't seem to do any good for the world. As an older wiser girl, I have more understanding (yes, I know bugs have earthly benefits) but I still find myself asking God why. It is so unfair to those who have been hit {do you know how thankful I am that everyone I know is alright?} losing their homes they have spent lifetimes creating memories in, or more importantly losing people who they care about.

All I can say is that I hope we all get through the next few days without any more deadly storms and that tornado season will end soon. The anxiety it has caused me cannot be healthy.

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